Putin rubs hands with glee as Ukraine set for major climbdown to thwart imminent invasion


Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK, suggested his Government may drop its longterm goal of joining NATO. The diplomat told the BBC that Kiev was willing to be “flexible” over its ambition to become a NATO member. “We might – especially being threatened like that, blackmailed by that, and pushed to it,” he said.


Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO lies at the heart of the current crisis.

Vladimir Putin has demanded legal guarantees from the US and its NATO allies that Ukraine will never be allowed to join the military alliance.

The Russian strongman claims that Kiev’s growing ties with the alliance could make it a launch pad for NATO missiles aimed at Russia.

Ukraine has a promise dating from 2008 that it will eventually be allowed to join NATO some time in the future.

The country’s constitution also enshrines the principle of NATO membership.


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