Putin's navy releases spine-chilling footage showcasing new anti-air missile threat


The Russian Ministry of Defence has released footage showing the successful test-firing of a new anti-air missile during navy drills in the Baltic. A Russian corvette class warship can be seen tracking and then destroying an airborne target. The chilling video comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine. It is caused by a massive build-up of Russian troops and tanks at the nation’s border.

The Russian MoD footage shows the corvette manoeuvring in the Baltic Sea before conducting the launch.

Codenamed “Redut”, the new Russian air defence system can be seen tracking a target on an infra-red sensor.

The test ends with a successful hit on a fast-moving target resulting in an in-air explosion.

Russia has been conducting a series of military drills and readiness exercises amid ongoing tensions over Ukraine. 

Russia’s deployment of tens of thousands of troops to the north, east and south of Ukraine had fuelled fears in Kyiv and Western capitals that Moscow was planning an attack.

Moscow denies any such plans, saying it needs pledges from the West – including a promise from NATO not to expand the alliance eastward towards Russian borders – because its own security is threatened by Ukraine’s growing ties with the Western alliance.

Russia also says that it can deploy its troops on its territory as it sees fit.

Estimates for the number of Russian troops recently moving closer to Ukraine vary from 60,000 to 90,000, with one US intelligence document suggesting that number could be ramped up as high as 175,000.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters the call was planned for “late Thursday evening”.

Mr Biden on Tuesday said “we’ll see” when asked if he would meet Putin on January 10, the same day US and Russian officials are due to hold security talks.

The talks, announced by the two countries on Monday, are to discuss concerns about rising tensions over Ukraine.

Some Russian troops have started returning to permanent bases after drills near the border with Ukraine.


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