Queen assassination threat: Crossbow laws to be tightened as Priti orders major shake up


A frightening social media video appeared to show a masked man with a crossbow threatening to “assassinate the Queen” during a video sent to friends. Currently in the UK, anyone over 18 is allowed to buy a “lethal” crossbow – without passing checks or the need for a licence, according to the Telegraph. But in a clamp down following the scare at Windsor Castle, these rules could be set to change.

A Government source said: “A review of crossbow ownership and regulation is underway and ministers will be presented with options in the new year.

“It was instituted by the Home Secretary earlier this year and will incorporate any lessons to be learned from the latest incident.”

On Christmas day an intruder scaled the fence of Windsor as the Queen was preparing to spend the day with her family.

A 19-year-old man has since been arrested for this.

Thames Valley Police Superintendent Rebecca Mears said: “An investigation is ongoing and we are working with the Metropolitan police.”

Scotland Yard says the intruder did not enter any buildings during his trespassing on the grounds.

Shortly before the scaling of the fence, a video was apparently posted online by the suspect, who spoke of how he was going to “assassinate the Queen” in revenge for the 1919 Amritsar massacre.

But the teenager’s father declared that “something has gone horribly wrong” with his son, who has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Sources in Whitehall have reportedly said that officials were told to “incorporate any lessons” learned from the frightening incident at Windsor.

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“When word got out that he had been apprehended, everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief – but it’s obviously tremendously concerning.”

A royal source said: “It is obviously a worry to have to deal with a break-in like this, especially after Her Majesty has been through so much this year and in the lead-up to Christmas.

“There will have to be a major evaluation of the security procedures and protocols after this event.

“Fortunately, the intruder was apprehended, and police were on the scene almost immediately, but there is a chill in the air over what could have been.”

But Dai Davies, a former chief superintendent and head of the royal protection unit, has called for a “major review” of the security following the intrusion.

He said: “Yet another intruder on the Windsor estate should set alarm bells ringing.

“I would predict a major review will be needed after this latest incident, which is incredibly worrying, especially as this individual was armed.

“We don’t know their background or motive, but clearly, this is a major security issue.”


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