‘Queen in waiting’ Kate will shine her light in 2022 predicts Diana’s astrologer


The renowned psychic, who was Princess Diana’s dear friend, was asked to take a closer look at Kate’s odds for the new year. She told HELLO!: “The Duchess of Cambridge, a Capricorn, is moving into 2022 with Venus retrograding through her sign, and much is under review as the royals hold private, powerful discussions.

“She turns 40 as the Sun and Venus join together, and she feels valued, loved and in a very good place.”

Kate’s birthday is on January 9, and she will reach 40 before her husband William. He will celebrate his own 40th birthday on June 21.

Ms Frank added: “Kate is ready to shine her light particularly bright on the weekend of February 19th and 20th, and people resonate with her calm, steady aura, which represents all the makings of being a Queen in waiting.

“Spring is her clarion call for her power-couple marriage with Prince William to be centre stage.

“She loves the togetherness and magic of this team, yet Kate is also committing to patronages and partnerships that give her more responsibility.

“The Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June show her at her magnificent best.”

“From mid-Summer onwards, the change in planet Uranus enables Kate to start creating a new home or personal lifestyle that provides a new rhythm for her family.”

“It takes time and requires a fresh start on many fronts, but by late October, she’s established firm foundations.”

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However, the possible visit to the US won’t include a public reunion with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, told OK! Magazine: “An American trip was inevitable because they’re our closest ally, but it’s tricky because as things stand, there’s no way on earth that Prince William would want to share any part of an official royal tour representing the Queen, Britain and the Commonwealth with Prince Harry.

“What we’re seeing are increasing signs that Harry and Meghan are setting themselves up almost as a satellite royal family in America.

“Meghan trades on her title to try to influence major political figures in America.

“Harry is still Prince Harry and is able to be whisked around New York like they were recently, as though nothing has changed.

“But of course, they’re not royals and what, we’re being told by palace officials, won’t happen is for Harry and Meghan to join William and Kate for any official part of this visit.”


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