Queen speech a clear 'statement of power' to signal Royal Family head 'far from retiring!’


The Queen’s annual speech highlighted her deep connection with her husband, Prince Philip, who died earlier this year. Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas claimed that the setting of the speech send a clear message to the public, noting her front and centre position in the frame was a “statement of power”. He suggested the Queen’s encouraging speech was designed to show she remains a leader and “she’s far from retiring”.

The Body Language Guy host said: “The first thing I noticed when The Queen finally appeared was the composition of the frame. She’s right up front and center.

“For many years we had been used to watch her Christmas message sitting at an angle in respect to the camera. That has been at least for the past four years, wearing either clear, neutral tones or blue and violet more recently.

“So watching her up front in this reddish tone, in the center of the frame is a statement of power.

“Yes, she considered Philip her strength, but appearing in this way she’s sending the message that she’s far from retiring.”

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Fellow body language expert Judy James told Express.co.uk: “Has the Queen’s projected, visual impact and messaging ever been quite as important as it has this year?

“Her most iconic image to date for 2021 has been the tragic one of her sitting alone and hunched, dressed in top to toe black at her husband’s funeral.

“For her Christmas message though she thankfully and probably deliberately presents a very different image.

“She is dressed in simple but stunning red to signal love, renewal, warmth, and strong emotion and with the brooch she wore on her honeymoon and then again in more recent photos with Philip pinned alongside her signature pearls.

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“Sitting front-on to the camera she meets it with an upright pose, immaculate grooming, and an uncompromising and strong-looking stare.

“Behind her, despite the fact that, like many of us, she will be missing seeing her usual relatives this year, there is a bank of warm golden lights in what looks like a happily decorated Christmas room.

“This look signals continuity, resilience, and even defiance, and, thanks to Covid, it is as usual perfectly pitched in terms of motivating the public to get through the next few months.


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“While our politicians appear on our screens looking apologetic and disheveled with accusations of rule-breaking diminishing their credibility, the Queen is now showing as the beacon of solid determination, despite a year of grief, illness, and her ongoing family rifts.”

The speech also encouraged people to celebrate Christmas amidst the deadly pandemic and spread of Omicron as she was joined in Windsor by a reduced number of relatives.

She also hinted at the “slimming down” of the Monarchy by mentioning only the seven close members of the Royal Family as she officially welcomed her four youngest great-grandchildren.


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