Quite nervous!’ Kate Middleton’s piano mate spilled the beans before big performance

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However, while the Duchess of Cambridge displayed a composed look during the act, the musician who wrote the song spilled the beans about her rehearsals. According to Tom Walker, who wrote the song she played in a royal first, Kate was “quite nervous” during her first rehearsal “because she hadn’t played with another musician in a very long time”.

Mr Walker told Mirror Online: “She was just so nice. I think the first rehearsal we did she was quite nervous because she hadn’t played with another musician in a very long time.

“She’s got a piano at home but the one that we’d rented in for the day was going to be the same one we were using for the actual service.

“It was completely different to hers, so she was trying to get the feel for that.

“She’s just lovely, really chilled out, very nice, seems really approachable and just really lovely.”

The pair sat on opposite sides of the room during the “very secret” practice session when Kate played the song around nine times and “nailed it”, according to the musician.

Kate Middleton rehearsed in secret for a surprise performance at Westminster Abbey about a man who lost his grandfather during the pandemic.

The 39-year-old Royal hosted the event, Royal Carols: Together At Christmas, as a thank you to the people who have supported their communities during the pandemic.

A teaser clip for the musical show Together At Christmas hinted that the Duchess would also reveal a special hidden skill and play the piano on the ITV show which screened on Christmas Eve.

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Kate “absolutely loved” the song and asked if Mr Walker could perform it, he said.

But then a week later, her team got in touch again and said she was really keen to play the piano part on the song herself, he added.

“I didn’t even know she played piano. I was a bit like this is crazy, but absolutely, that would be wicked,” he continued.

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