‘Really simple way’ to clean ‘greasy’ ovens – ‘will help to dissolve the grease’


A cleaning expert from household cleaning and laundry products company, Dri Pak, has shared a “really simple way” to clean an oven using soda crystals and white vinegar. The expert said: “Cleaning the oven is a job everyone hates but I’ve come up with a really simple way to clean your oven using soda crystals. When you’ve got a really messy oven like this you can clean it away really simply in a few easy steps using soda crystals.

“So before you start, you just need to make sure that the power to your oven is off.”

Oven switches can be located in a plethora of different places in the kitchen.

Sometimes they’re located in cupboards and sometimes they’re on the wall.

She continued: “You might want to put some gloves on when you’re using any cleaning products just to protect your hands.

“We’re going to make up a solution of soda crystals and hot water in the sink.

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“Before we start to clean the oven, we’re just going to pop a towel down on the floor underneath just to catch any drips.

“If you find the inside of your oven is particularly greasy you can sprinkle a few soda crystals onto the greasy spots and it will help to start dissolving the grease.

“Just leave it on for a few seconds and then wet your sponge – make sure the spoon just has got a lot of solution on it – and then just start to wipe away the grease.”

For “extra cleaning power” homeowners can mix washing up liquid into the soda crystals solution.

This will help to lift the dirt and grease.

Cleaners must not touch the heating element when cleaning the oven.

Once the oven has been cleaned with the soda crystals solution and it’s wet, it should be left to soak for about an hour.

Give the oven another wipe over with the solution until it’s clean.

Next, give the oven a dry down with some paper towels.

With the oven now clean, the pan stands can be taken out of the soda crystals solution and brushed down to remove any extra residue and grease.

Finally, give the pan stands either a rinse under the tap or pop them in the dishwasher for a final clean.

Then, dry them off and put them back on the hob.

The Dri Pak cleaning expert said: “The last thing to do before we finish is just to give all the shiny surfaces, like stainless steel and glass, a quick spray with some white vinegar.

“Then just give it a wipe with some kitchen towel to give it a nice sparkle.

“So all that’s left to do now is to turn the power back on and just run your oven on a low heat for a few minutes just to dry out the inside.

“There we have it – the safe and easy way to clean your oven and hob.”

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Dri-pak Clean & natural White vinegar is £2 from B&Q.

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