'Remember Iraq!' Russian ambassador mocks Trevor Phillips for trusting UK intelligence


Dmitry Polyanskiy was grilled by Trevor Phillips over thousands of Russian troops building up across the Ukrainian border with European Minister James Cleverly calling it the biggest military buildup since WW2. Mr Phillips said 150,000 troops were deployed but Mr Polyanskiy poured cold water on the statement and pointed out several outlets have reported conflicting numbers. Mr Polyanskiy joked “inflation was high” across the world before telling Mr Phillips US and UK military intelligence could not be trusted because of the failure surrounding Iraq.

Speaking on Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Mr Polyanskiy was grilled over Russia’s military buildup.

Mr Phillips stated 150,000 troops are on the border and wanted to know “what they are doing there”.

Mr Polyanskiy replied: “First of all, who counted them?

“Where do you take this figure? 150,000, it was 100,000 then it was 120,000, now it is 150,000.

“Some say 190,000, so I admit inflation is very high here in New York, we see if on the prices but then on the number of soldiers!”

Mr Phillips challenged the ambassador by replying: “I think it’s inflation demonstrated by satellite pictures which we have seen.

“And unless Russia is now putting in cardboard tanks, there are troops there.”

Mr Polyanskiy did not think the West were reliable in their conclusions and said: “We do not trust US and British intelligence.

“They have let us down on many occasions, remember the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

“But in any case, you asked about what they are doing there when they are in our territory.

“They are not placed on the border… they are placed in the places were they usually are on the border.”

Earlier in his interview, Mr Polyanskiy mocked Mr Phillips when he was grilled over a potential Russian invasion. 

The Russian representative said an invasion will occur on “February 30” and said he should check the calendar.

Mr Phillips asked the deputy ambassador: “You have previously called claims of imminent invasion nonsense, baseless and paranoid. Do you still think that?”

Mr Polyanskiy responded: “Absolutely. Recently we have determined the exact date of our invasion.

“It is the 30th of February, I think you can mark this date in your calendar if you can find it.”



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