Rescue dogs cool down with 'ice cream day' at shelter as heatwave hits – 'Great treat'


Volunteers at Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) in the US are treating their residents to an “ice cream day” as temperatures soar. Footage showed the adorable rescue pups enjoying tubs of dog-friendly ice cream. Tommy Sanfilippo, animal care technician at MARL, told The Mirror: “We’ve had a few different volunteers bring in dog-friendly ice cream for the dogs, and it’s been a great treat to give out on some of these extremely hot days we’ve had.”

The heartwarming video gained lots of attention online, with 12 homeless pooches making the most of their kennel life as they await their forever homes.

Bernard, Maxine, Princess and The Rock all feature in the footage, alongside Teslo, Bagel, Frisbee, Turnip, Noah, Lucy, Pampered Pete and Brookie.

The video was originally posted on TikTok then shared on Reddit where it garnered 9,000 upvotes from animal lovers desperate to find the dogs homes.

“One of our awesome volunteers brought some dog-friendly ice cream to help our shelter pups stay cool on a hot day,” the caption read.

Users fell in love with the sweet dogs, who loved seeing them enjoying a special treat.

“I love the initial looks of curiosity/confusion followed by excitement,” one person said.

“All of them are so cute and so polite,” another commented, while a third wrote: “The world needs more people like this one.”

“If I didn’t live on the other side of the world, Bernard would be adopted by now,” a fourth added.

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Last month, MARL treated its rescue pups to a “chicken nugget day” – which brought many followers to tears.

The idea came around when one member of staff decided to switch up the usual daily enrichment and bought some chicken nuggets on their lunch break.

As the dogs had already played with snuffle mats that morning, they passed around some nuggets as a little extra treat.

Tommy said: “We take in over 1,500 animals annually, many of whom have been dealt a pretty rough hand in life.

“It’s nice to be able to give them a special treat every now and then. It makes the animals happy, which makes us happy.”


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