‘Ridiculous!’Nigel Farage slams Liz Truss for spending £500k on a private jet to Australia


Speaking on GB News, Mr Farage, 57, blasted the Foreign Secretary for opting to fly on a private jet over a business class flight on her visit to Australia. Ms Truss took the long-haul trip last week for an annual meeting with Government officials in the country.

Talking about the trip, Mr Farage said: “Liz Truss flew by private plane to Australia at a cost of over half a million pounds to the taxpayer because she didn’t want to use a scheduled business class flight.

“Now, normally a business class flight to Australia would be of around 7,500-8,000 pounds.

“She got on a great big plane capable of taking 235 passengers, and it was taking Liz Truss and her staff to Australia.

“The flight generated 500 tonnes of CO2 and came to a cost of half a million pounds.”

Her office later issued a statement and said that the trip was “within the rules”.

The statement read: “It’s necessary to for the Foreign Secretary to travel abroad to pursue UK interests around security, trade and technology, as she did during the visit to Australia.

“Travelling this way allows Ministers to have private discussions on sensitive security matters and flexibility to respond to rapidly changing global events.

“This trip used Government transport and was fully within the rules.”

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Targeting the Government for continuously flouting the rules, Mr Farage said: “Everything this Government does, we are told ‘it’s within the rules’ and this probably was ‘within the rules’.

“But the idea, just because you don’t want your conversation overheard, that you have to spend a half a million quid is ridiculous.

“Why not book the first two-three rows of business on one of these flights and you could do all of that at about 10 percent of the cost.

“I don’t think, for the Foreign Secretary, this is particularly a good look.”


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