Rogue squirrel bites 18 residents of Welsh town in bloodthirsty rampage – locals hide away


The squirrel had been fed since the summer by an elderly resident of Buckley, Flintshire. Despite this welcome, it began attacking people in their gardens last week.

The squirrel ran amok for two days before being caught by the lady who had given it food.

Corrine Reynolds, a gran-of-nine, aged 65, decided to take action after seeing reports of attacks on social media.

She was also bitten herself on the hand before deciding to use a trap to capture the creature.

Quoted in MailOnline, Ms Reynolds said: “I noticed yesterday that in the space of 48 hours, he has attacked 18 people.

“He has started attacking people who are just taking their recycling bags to the bin and they are quite gruesome injuries.”

Victims of the squirrels are reported to have rushed for tetanus jabs for fear of receiving further damage from the bites.

Scott Felton, a local granite technician, was attacked on Boxing Day.

He also told MailOnline: “I was outside having a cigarette at my back door at the time. I crouched down and this squirrel came out of nowhere and jumped onto my garden table.

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Despite having built a relationship with the squirrel earlier in the year, she said “he’s not a friendly-natured” animal.

She said: “He is a rogue one and I am starting to wonder if he has got something going on inside his head like a tumour.

“The speed of it is frightening, he dashes from the roof of my garden shed to me – but when he does it everyone else, he bites them.

“It has even bit an elderly person in the area. On one occasion it chased a lad down the road and a dad was left with a bloody cut on his head.”

Grey squirrels far outnumber red squirrels since they were introduced to the UK in the 1800s.

The Wildlife Trust estimates that there are around 140,000 red squirrels across the four nations compared to an incredible 2.5million grey squirrels.


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