Rosacea treatment: 'Triggers' to avoid to reduce redness, burning and stinging


The triggers of rosacea have been highlighted by a dermatologist. Avoiding triggers is a key way to treat the condition.

How to treat Rosacea

Dr. Ophelia said: “There are a number of ways to treat rosacea.”

She advised, “Avoid triggers.” The expert added: “Lifestyle changes such as avoiding or reducing alcohol can help significantly.”

There are a number of other triggers too. They include “hot drinks and caffeine, stress, cheese, and spicy foods.”

Steps to protect against rosacea

  • Wearing a high factor SPF
  • Avoid heat and sunlight
  • Cover your face in cold weather
  • Use gentle skincare products for sensitive skin

Ophelia herself founded her own bespoke medical-grade skin and hair product line, which is prescription only.

Going to see your GP could help if you suffer from rosacea, where your GP might prescribe treatment.


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