Royal expert tells Queen watchers of moment UK should be more concerned about her health


Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers believed there would be “more concern” if the Queen cancelled her weekly meeting with the Prime Minister on Wednesday after she contracted COVID-19 over the weekend. Mr Myers told ITV’s Lorraine that there was little to be worried about currently as many Royal Family members have been conducting engagements, ranging from Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall, visiting Denmark or Prince William presenting presenter Sue Barker with a CBE. The royal expert pointed out the Queen has already cancelled the majority of her virtual meetings and would be watching closely as to whether the Queen makes contact with the Prime Minister.

Buckingham Palace announced the Queen contracted Covid on Sunday and said she would be carrying out “light duties” as she recovered.

Mr Myers appeared on Lorraine to give updates on her situation and said: “This is quite poignant because obviously, the Queen has been ill she contracted coronavirus on Sunday.

“And without having had too many updates, she was forced to cancel some engagements, virtual engagements, yesterday.

“But the fact that Kate is out in Copenhagen, William was doing an investiture of Sue Barker… and Prince Charles was in Hereford visiting a cathedral.

“So I do think there’s an if there was something to worry about, then all the Royals would be at her bedside no doubt.

“So, I think, we can sort of keep calm and carry on as the Queen would say, and although we give her our best wishes, I don’t think there’s any cause to be overly alarmed at the moment.

“However, there is an audience with the Prime Minister later on, on the phone and if she wants to miss that, then perhaps we would we be a bit more concerned.

“But for now, I think we’re alright.”

She is still expected to attend an in-person engagement at Windsor Castle next week.

The statement from Buckingham Palace said the Queen was suffering from “mild, cold-like symptoms.”

Reports suggest several people at Windsor Castle have tested positive for Covid as a potential cause for the spread.

Both Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall have recently had Covid.


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