Royal Family LIVE: Meghan pips Kate to new title after Sussex breakaway from Firm

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Research by health experts Stress Free Health Testing analysed global Google search data to establish which royal receives the highest number of searches for various terms related to physical attractiveness. 

The Duchess of Sussex was revealed as the most glamorous member of the Royal Family with 50,000 monthly searches for various terms.

More findings from Stress Free Health Testing found the term ‘Meghan Markle hot’ has a total of 30,000 monthly searches, nearly three times more than searches for ‘Kate Middleton hot’.

The Duchess of Cambridge was named the second most glamorous royal, with 18,870 combined monthly searches.

The late Princess Diana of Wales is the third most attractive royal, with a total of 5,100 combined monthly searches.

The study also revealed that Prince Harry is the most searched male royal, ranking fourth overall.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Stress Free Health Testing said: “Even before Meghan joined the Royal Family, she was already viewed by the public as incredibly glamorous thanks to her run on hit TV show, Suits, which catapulted her to fame.

“However, this data really emphasises Meghan’s enduring power to capture the world’s attention through her beauty.”

It comes after the Sussex royals released their annual Christmas card, featuring the first glimpse of Lilibet Diana Windsor.

The card sees Meghan hold the six-month-old while Harry and Archie smile.

Additional reporting from Dylan Donnelly and Katie Harris.


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