Royal POLL: Should Andrew be allowed back to royal duties?


Prince Andrew will allegedly attend Garter Day on June 13 alongside other members of the Royal Family. The Garter Day ceremony takes place every year at Windsor Castle and includes a grand procession and service to install new companions.

Garter Day is one of the most prominent in the royal calendar and this year marks the return of the event since the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Duke of York is due to attend alongside the Royal Knights and his presence will be listed in the Court Circular, the registry completed the following day noting working royals in attendance at all official events. 

A Palace source told the Telegraph Prince Andrew’s inclusion in the Court Circular would be “standard practice”.

The diary only registers events attended by full-time working members of the Royal Family.

However, for major royal engagements such as Prince Philip’s memorial service, held earlier this year in March, and Garter Day, non-working members of the Firm in attendance are also listed among the participants.

Andrew stepped back from public duties in November 2019, following his Newsnight interview on his association with Jeffrey Epstein.

In August 2021, Virginia Giuffre launched a civil lawsuit against Andrew, accusing him of sexual assault. 

Andrew has repeatedly and vehemently rejected any allegations of wrongdoing.

The pair reached an out-of-court settlement in which he agreed to pay a significant sum to both Ms Giuffre and her victims’ charity.

The Queen stripped her second son of his titles and these were not returned on settlement and the Palace said he would continue not to perform any official royal duties.

Andrew’s appointment as Royal Knight is a private one as it was handed to him directly by the Queen.

This means he would attend the Windsor ceremony next month in a private capacity.

Royal writer Daniela Elser described the Queen’s efforts to “resurrect Prince Andrew’s reputation” as “extraordinary”.

She said: “While the line the Palace has been seemingly trying to spin is that Andrew will only be taking part in the Garter ceremony in ‘a private capacity as a Royal Knight’ that is nothing short of risible.

“Garter Day is the epitome of monarchical splendour and pomp and trying to sell his inclusion as ‘private’ would be like trying to argue that Buckingham Palace is little more than a fixer-upper.”

Andrew’s last public appearance took place in March when he escorted his mother to Prince Philip’s service of thanksgiving.

There are claims Andrew might escort his mother again to the Platinum Jubilee service at St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3.

He will not be joining working royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on June 2. 

​​So what do YOU think? Should Andrew be allowed back to royal duties? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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