Royal wars: Prince blasted by girlfriend for 'ONLY showering her with €1million gifts'


Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa, 51, was called a “cheapskate” by his younger Belarusian girlfriend, who demanded he give her half of his assets, it is claimed. According to the Times, it is understood the prince gave her a Mercedes worth €83,000, a €58,000 share in a Rome bed and breakfast, expensive jewellery and €18,000 to help her to rent a flat in the centre of Rome. The Telegraph reported that the prince also gave her cash worth up to one million euros.

The Italian press reportedly obtained text messages exchanged between the couple, in which 35-year-old Tanya Yashenko criticised the prince for not being generous enough.

According to the Telegraph, Ms Yashenko said: “If you wanted to, you would transfer half your investments in Italy to me, but you’re stingy.”

She reportedly added: “You said you would buy a house when you had the money.

“Well now you have the funds, we both know that, but you don’t want to do it.”

The prince replied: “I’ll do it, you’ll have half of all my things, like I promised.”

This emerged after the Prince launched a legal battle against Mr Yashenko, accusing her of “circonvenzione d’incapace”, an Italian legal term that means “exerting undue influence over persons who are non compos mentis.”

The prince claimed he was traumatised by the break-up of a previous marriage and therefore unable to make sound decisions, the Times reported.

Ms Yashenko has denied any wrongdoing and has insisted that the prince withdraw his accusations.

The previous March, Ms Yashenko filed a legal complaint against the Prince, accusing him of stalking her.

And in the latest turn of events, the prince wrote messages on his Facebook account at the weekend, apologising to his former girlfriend.

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In a second Facebook post, shared on Sunday, he said: “I love her.

“A flower that makes me feel calm. I’m a lucky man.”

But the Prince’s lawyer, Armando Fergola told the Telegraph that the statements should not be taken at face value.

He said: “She continues to try to manipulate him.

“He has certainly not withdrawn his accusations and will not do so.

“He is still very fragile and the love affair has clouded his judgement.

“The primary aim of this case is to protect him from her, both psychologically and economically.

“Getting her to pay back the money is a secondary objective.”


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