Russia's plan laid bare: Putin’s 4 new missions to seize Ukraine


However, the official said a newfound focus on that issue doesn’t negate the fact that Russia is heavily dependent on railroads for resupply and other needs.

They said: “The train network has been targeted many times by the resistance,” and they expect such operations to continue, which could complicate Mr Dvornikov’s goal of establishing reliable logistics lines.

Ukraine is expected to deploy similar tactics to the first phase of war. This includes efforts to prevent Putin’s territorial gains through resistance by pairing “mobile, agile forces” with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles.

The plan of attack is currently underway, with the Ministry of Defence providing the following intelligence update on Twitter: “Russia’s military presence on Ukraine’s eastern border continues to build while fighting in the Donbas is intensifying as Russian forces seek to break through Ukrainian Defences.

“Russian air activity in northern Ukraine is likely to remain low since its withdrawal from north of Kyiv. However, there is still a risk of precision strikes against priority targets throughout Ukraine.


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