Sadiq Khan shamed in furious radio rant over New Year's Eve fireworks plan in London


Radio host Cristo Foufas ridiculed Sadiq Khan’s claims that tonight’s televised firework display will “show the best of London”. The talkRADIO host mockingly retorted: “What will it show? Gridlocked traffic, cycle lanes and dead people being stabbed?” This comes after London recorded its worst-ever annual death toll from teenage homicides.

Cristo Foufas said: “It was lovely to hear Sadiq Khan’s plans for a televised firework display to showcase the best of London.

“What will it show? Gridlocked traffic, cycle lanes and dead people being stabbed?

“Because that’s what you’ve brought to London, Mr Khan!

“It is awful, it is absolutely awful. I jest but there were two young people killed in the last 24 hours.”

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The talkRADIO host continued: “Honestly, I drive through a road that is now barricaded. I’m on camera. I get a ticket in a second.

“I could go out and stab someone and get away with it without being caught.

“I’m sorry but if you’re going to stab someone, do it in a low-traffic neighbourhood – at least there will be a chance you could be on camera!

“It is outrageous, the priorities of this man.”

More than 40 teenagers in the capital have also been charged with murder this year.

Responding to the killings, Mayor Khan said the safety of Londoners “will always be my number one priority”.

He reiterated that he was “investing record amounts in policing to put more officers on the streets”.

Senior Labour politician, Yvette Cooper, said the news was “devastating” and she called on the government to take more action to deal with the “epidemic”.


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