Sarah Beeny’s ‘really affordable’ way to add value to your home – ‘It’ll look fantastic’


Renowned property expert and TV presenter Sarah Beeny has renovated a lot of houses over the past 30 years. Her last project was Rise Hall, a Grade II listed 97-room manor house in Yorkshire that she and her husband Graham transformed into a wedding venue and sold for £1.4million. More recently, Sarah and her family have relocated to Somerset, having bought a 220-acre former dairy farm in a bid to build a carbon-neutral home of their dreams. With a wealth of property experience, Sarah spoke exclusively to and shared her tops tips for revamping kitchens or bathrooms and what you need to look out for if you want to add value to your home. 

Speaking about outdated rooms in a house, Sarah explained how you can transform them, without spending lots of money, and still add value onto the property. 

She said: “Kitchens are really expensive, and it’s not just the units that are expensive. 

“You can get really affordable units, it’s the upheaval of doing it. 

“You’ve got to get plumbers, electricians, re-do the floor, you probably find you’ve got to do the walls, there are so many other elements apart from just a few units. 

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“That’s the best – personal recommendations are always the best because that comes with a ready-made reference. 

“If you don’t anyone locally who’s [having work done], then have a look at up and down the street if anyone is having their kitchen done and ask them ‘are you happy with the kitchen’ or ‘your electrician, are you happy with them?’ 

“You’ll find people will be doing work around you. 

“It’s also easier for the tradesman if they are doing a kitchen three doors up to come and do your kitchen, they’ll be able to give you a keener price,” she added. 

As for how the property market is at this current time, Sarah said: “I think the market is slightly different, but not that different. 

“I definitely think there is not going to be a significant crash around the corner.

“The world changes slowly, the market will shift on its axis a little bit. 

“Working from home will loosen up the market, it means people can afford to commute a little further.

“There’s been a huge hike in prices in certain areas, but I think it will soften off,” she added. 

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4. 


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