‘Saves you money’: Making the switch from baths to showers will help ‘keep costs down’


Similarly, someone who takes a full bath twice a day will have higher consumption than someone who reuses the water or has the occasional soak.

Looking at a 40 degree power shower that lasts five minutes, Britons will go through 75 litres of water and require 2.88 kWh of energy to heat it.

The price for water will vary depending on your regional provider, but Discover Water estimated that two litres from the tap costs around a third of a penny. That comes to just over 12p per shower.

If you have a gas boiler, the new price cap is set at 7.37p per kWh, pushing the price of heating the water for a shower to 22p.

Meanwhile, the cap for electricity has been upped to 28.34p per kWh – and up to 82p each time you go for a wash.


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