Scottish Tory leader insists Boris 'must RESIGN' if he lied about Downing Street party


A growing number of Tories have lashed out at the Prime Minister amid fresh allegations he attended a rule-breaking drinks party in Downing Street during the first national lockdown. The news has drawn fury from MPs and other prominent Conservative figures, while former No 10 chief of staff Lord Barwell ridiculed the PM on social media – suggesting it would not take an investigation for Boris Johnson to figure out if he had been part of the gathering. Douglas Ross has since spoken out in anger against Mr Johnson.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Ross said: “People are furious, I’m furious. People across Scotland and the UK are furious.

“This email went out to over 100 people inviting them to a party when no one else was allowed to do that.

“In fact, the Government guidance was very clear at that time.

“You could only meet up with one other person from another household.

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“So I can understand the fury, anger, and rage that people across the UK are feeling right now following this revelation.”

Asked if he has confidence in Mr Johnson, he added: “If he’s followed the guidance that his Government set for everybody else then yes but if he’s not.

“If he has breached his own guidance, not been truthful then that is an extremely important issue.

“I’ve said previously that if the Prime Minister has misled Parliament then he must resign.” 

More to follow…


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