Sir David Cameron? Lindsay Hoyle calls for ALL ex-PMs to be knighted after Blair honours


Sir Lindsay Hoyle has argued all former British Prime Ministers should receive a knighthood on stepping down from office. The Speaker was grilled on Radio 4’s Today Programme over the inclusion of former Labour Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair in the New Year’s Honours lists. Sir Lindsay argued that all living former Prime Ministers should be granted a title out of respect for their national service. He named David Cameron as another former PM who deserved to be knighted.

Sir Lindsay told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I would say if you’ve been Prime Minister this country, I do believe the country should recognise the service they’ve given.”

He added: “When you’ve finished I think it is the respect that we give those Prime Ministers.

“It is not about politics it is about the position they have held in this country.”

The Speaker continued: “It is the right thing to do, if it is a Tony Blair… whether it’s Sir David Cameron. They should all be offered a knighthood when they have finished in the position of Prime Minister.”



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