Sir Volodymyr Zelensky! Knightood calls erupt for Ukraine hero honour after making history


Mr Zelensky was given a standing ovation by MPs both before and after his speech in which he compared Ukraine’s fight against Russia to Britain’s WW2 struggle against Nazi Germany.

President Zelensky addressed the House of Commons in a video on Tuesday, where he urged the UK government to “increase the pressure of sanctions” on Russia and recognise it as “a terrorist state”.

He said: “We are looking for the help of civilised countries. We are thankful for this help and I’m very grateful to you Boris.

“Please make sure our Ukrainian skies are safe. Please make sure that you do what needs to be done and what is stipulated by the greatness of your country”.

In response to the Ukrainian president’s address, Sir Ed Davey MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said that the situation in Ukraine shows why we should never take democracy for granted.

He also suggested that President Zelensky deserves an honorary knighthood.

Mr Davey said: “I’m sure the whole house would agree that President Zelensky should be granted one of our nation’s highest honours – an honorary knighthood.

“I look forward to the day we welcome back to this house President Zelensky in person”.

A petition to award the Ukrainian president with an honorary knighthood has also been started on

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“Labour stands for the toughest sanctions that will cripple the Russian state”.

In response to his address, Boris Johnson said Mr Zelensky “moved the hearts of everybody in this house”.

He added: “I know I speak for the whole house when I say Britain, and our allies, are ready to press on with supplying our Ukrainian friends with the weapons they need to defend their homeland”.

The PM also announced that the UK will phase out Russian oil imports by 2023 and explore ending gas imports.

Ian Blackford, leader of the SNP, said we must “deliver the cleanest message” to Putin that “this will end in failure for him”.

“He [Putin] will face justice at the international court”.


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