Six puppies dumped like rubbish in crate on side of road – RSPCA appeal


The helpless puppies were found by a member of the public on a grass verge close to Broadoak Road and Farleigh Road in Canterbury last Tuesday. A heartbreaking picture shows the pups crammed into the wire crate.

The puppies were handed in to the RSPCA’s Canterbury & District Branch and have since been moved to another centre.

The little animals – – four red and white cocker spaniels and two black and white terrier crossbreeds – are around four months old and appear to be in fairly good health.

A spokesperson for Canterbury & District Branch said: “At the moment we have very little information about where these pups came from and why they’ve been abandoned.

“Thankfully, they seem very bright, fairly healthy pups who are full of beans.

“We don’t have facilities at the branch to care for dogs, so we had to manage overnight as best we could before the puppies moved to another RSPCA facility.

“Our staff and volunteers have really enjoyed looking after the puppies but they do need specific care.

“We’re thankful for all the supportive comments on social media and phone calls we’ve received since the puppies were brought to us, but these pups are not available to rehome yet.”

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“We believe these puppies may have failed to sell so they were abandoned having passed their ‘cute’ stage when they’re most marketable and most valuable.

“Sadly, we’re expecting to see more dogs being abandoned over the coming months as the demand starts to slow and as those who took dogs on during lockdown are faced with financial, working and family pressures or struggle to cope with under-socialised dogs who cannot be left home alone.”

The puppies will eventually be rehomed if they are not claimed when they have been given the all-clear from vets.

Anyone with information about the dumped pups can contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.


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