'Sorry mate that's not how this works' Piers erupts at Harry demanding police protection


Prince Harry has offered to cover the cost of the Police detail meaning the British taxpayer would not foot the bill, but Piers Morgan said it was unfair on Brits to use up resources protecting the Prince who is no longer a royal or carries out any duties.

In an explosive appearance on the BBC’s Sunday Morning after a year off breakfast TV, the former Good Morning Britain host said it was “chillingly inevitable” that Harry and Meghan would “pop their heads up again”.

He told Sophie Raworth how the timing of Prince Harry’s request for police protection is “so appalling” following the death of The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, last year and the “awful situation” with Prince Andrew.

He added: “Now, her grandson who has been baiting the royal family and the monarchy all year, has now popped up from his mansion in California to say that when he comes back to the UK, he wants to have the British police protect him!

“Sorry mate, that is not how this works!”

Host Sophie Raworth attempted to interject, insisting that the Duke of Sussex is willing to pay for the police protection, but Piers Morgan was having none of it.

He slammed: “I don’t give a damn if he’s willing to pay for it or not! Why should the British police protect him?

“He is now a private citizen, he doesn’t do any royal duties, they’re making hundreds of millions of dollars fleecing their royal titles which they still have…

“While simultaneously trashing the Royal Family and the institution of the monarch that his grandmother is the head of and now they want to have their cake and eat it, as always!”

More to follow…


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