Spanish expats con warning issued after criminals steal 600k euros in text scam


A criminal network based in the Costa Blanca region of Spain is reported to have scammed over 100 bank customers. Eight people have been arrested across numerous areas in Spain.

Scammers sent mobile phone text messages to trick users and steal sensitive information.

This granted them access to the money of 106 bank customers, according to the Olive Press.

From these customers, scammers robbed around 600,000 euros.

That equates to just over £500,000.

The Guardia Civil in Alicante, along the Costa Blanca, led ‘Operation Chrimata’ to capture the scammers.

This was launched in April 2020.

The Olive Press states that concerns were raised after a large number of customers of a single Spanish bank were sent scam messages over three days.

Many, unaware that they were being subjected to a scam, supplied details for banking access.

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From there, the money was converted into cryptocurrency.

The money was finally transferred back to gang leaders in Spain, police said.

Police forces in 18 countries have been working together to investigate the criminal network.

Officials from the UK were involved in the search.

It is believed there could be up to 90 members in the network.

So far, 43 international arrest warrants have been issued to bring the dealings to an end.

Despite the eight arrests that have already been made, British expats in Spain are advised to take extra care when dealing with their personal finances.


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