‘Speaks volumes for the UK’ Briton's joy as remoaners left red-faced over doom-mongering

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Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to the late Margaret Thatcher, spoke to about how Project Fear has been destroyed, and how many warnings have “evaporated”. Mr Gardiner told “All of warnings that came from the Remainer fear campaign have evaporated. “Britain is destined to do very well in the post-Brexit era, free from the shackles of the EU.

“It is very clear the City of London is booming after Brexit. There has been no exodus of jobs, in fact quite the opposite.

“There are increased levels of investment coming into the city and the UK as a whole.

“Foreign companies from Japan to the US are setting up new HQs and new factories in the UK.

“Britain is going to be infinitely better off as a free sovereign nation that is not tied down by mountains of EU regulation and bureaucracy.” readers have used this news as proof of how successful the UK has become since departing the European Union.

HotDog008 wrote: “Shell and Unilever, are a couple of very large multi-national companies and both chose to relocate to the motherland.

“Speaks volumes for the UK.”

BrexitCat wrote: “What happened to all the shortages caused by Brexit?

“I’ve just enjoyed a brilliant Brexit Christmas!”

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He said: “I have been thinking that Britain was right to leave since day one.

“It shows that Project Fear was wrong on everything. Wrong on unemployment, wrong on the growth, wrong on investments, wrong on the pound value.

“Actually, if you look at the IMF predictions, the UK will do better than the Eurozone.” reader salty wrote: “So a brexiteer says brexit is a success?

“The reality tells us differently.

“Trade DOWN….Costs UP…..Prices UP.

“Brexit is a huge waste of time and money!”

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