Speed limiters could be launched on UK cars within months under new EU rule


The new Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology could be on new cars manufactured from July 6, 2022 in a driving law change. It comes after the European Commission reached an agreement to have the technology in all cars sold in Europe.

Last year, he said: “More than 20 years after this technology was first trialled, it is great to see Intelligent Speed Assistance finally coming to all new vehicles in the EU.

“It is a big step forward for road safety.

“However, we are disappointed that carmakers are being given the option to install an unproven system that may have little safety benefit.

“We sincerely hope that carmakers will go beyond the minimum specifications and take full advantage of the life-saving potential of speed assistance technology.

“It becomes dormant and lethargy sets in and you then become complacent, as sure as night follows day you’re going to have an accident.

“You’re going to collide with the car in front because you’re going to be too close to that car.”

Meanwhile, Peter Golding, Managing Director at FleetCheck has previously warned drivers will be given “no leeway” under the system.

He said: “Our view is that the introduction of ISA technology is a moment that employers should be seizing as an opportunity to make clear that there is no corporate leeway when it comes to speeding and the dangers it represents.”


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