Spring gardening jobs: A full guide to cleaning your garden shed quickly and efficiently


Cleaning your garden shed is not necessarily a speedy task, but if you have a game plan in place, you can get the job done efficiently and shave time off the job.

Clean the outside

After an onslaught of harsh winter weather, the outside of your shed might not be looking its best.

However, with the help of a power washer or a simple hose pipe, your garden outhouse could be looking ship-shape in no time.

If your shed is made of wood, you may want to tackle it in the same way you might wash your garden fence.

Use a mixture of soap and water, and a firm scrubbing brush, to get rid of any green algae or grime build-up.

You can use a hose or pressure washer to then get rid of any leftover residue.

If your shed is made with vinyl siding, you can use a power washer to blast away any caked-on dirt.

Scrub away any remaining dirt with a soapy rag or a stiff brush.

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