‘Stunning’: Today at the Caravan Show shows off £750,000 motorhome – 'such a treat'


“The beauty of it is, it’s not only for you and your family, but if you’re able to you can also loan it out to other people that might not have that opportunity.”

Gemma also travelled to Spain to soak up the winter sun and experience one of the most expensive motorhomes on the market.

She also wanted to find out what caravanning is like in the Spanish countryside and what to expect when motoring in luxury.

However, the most luxurious was found in Sanbacks, Dorset where Gemma was able to experience a £750,000 static caravan.

Gemma continued, saying: “It was incredible. I used to go to a static caravan that my grandparents owned in Exmouth and when I was little, it was the highlight of my summer.


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