Sturgeon ‘bankrupting Scotland’ with ‘kneejerk politics’ over Omicron

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The Prime Minister announced on Monday there would be no new Covid restrictions until the New Year, and he is set to address the nation again next week. The UK’s daily Covid cases reached another record high of 189,846 today, December 31. Mr Johnson and the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, have encouraged people to take a lateral flow test before meeting friends and family, but supplies are scarce and tests have run out in many places.


Meanwhile, the leaders of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have all implemented new restrictions in reaction to the latest Omicron data.

From Sunday, the devolved nations closed nightclubs, restricted household mixing, limited indoor and outdoor event capacity, and returned to table service and social distancing in hospitality and leisure venues.

Addressing Scotland about the new restrictions, Ms Sturgeon said: “We must try to avoid the sheer volume of cases overwhelming us. That is why it is prudent, indeed I would say it is essential, that we do act to slow transmission at this stage as much as possible.”

She added: “It’s also why over Hogmanay and New Year’s Day and for at least the first week of January, we are advising everyone to stay at home more than normal.”

In a poll of 9,936 readers, held from December 30 to 31, a staggering 85 percent of voters said Mr Johnson had a better approach to Covid restrictions than his Scottish counterpart, Ms Sturgeon.

One reader, Paddy G from Leeds, said: “Boris has based his choice on keeping the economy going, considering there is a low death rate despite rising cases and a marginal increase in hospital cases.

“Wee Krankie is just doing kneejerk politics.”

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In Mr Johnson’s end of year message, he said: “Whatever the anxieties we may have about the weeks and months ahead, particularly about Omicron and the growing numbers in hospitals, we can say one thing with certainty: Our position this December the 31st is comparably better than last year.

“This country has the fastest economic growth in the G7.

“We have more people in work now than there were before the pandemic began.”

After a huge Tory rebellion to the most recent set of restrictions in the UK, introduced on December 8, the Prime Minister appears to be prioritising economic stability and shifting away from restrictive measures.

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