Sturgeon under pressure after SNP office spouts 'nasty anti-English bile' in Brexit fury


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is under pressure to speak out about a “reprehensible” move on Facebook by one of her party’s branches, which shared a “fake” post that heavily criticises the UK Government’s treatment of Scotland over IndyRef2 and Brexit in what Holyrood critics have labelled as “anti-English hate speech”.

The SNP Orkney branch shared a post that alongside an image of French President Emmanuel Macron quoted a parody of the leader as saying: “England is extremely fearful of losing Scotland, hence the reason for their irrationality, and their lashing out at other nations who share Scotland’s plight in that England removed Scotland from the EU against its democratic will.”

As reported by the Scottish Daily Express, the post mocked the fact that Scotland left the EU with the rest of the UK despite 62 percent of Scots voting to remain in 2016.

Ms Sturgeon, who failed to secure her own majority in the May 2021 Holyrood election, said last month she would be planning the timetable for legislation to hold a new vote for Scottish independence in “the coming weeks”.

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She pledged to hold a second referendum before the end of 2023 following the first one in 2014 when voters in Scotland decided it was a no by 55-45 percent.

Today’s polls show the support mark is at about 50 percent.

The now-deleted post described England as being “disrespectful of others’ democratic rights, thoughts and opinion”.

It continued by dubbing it a nation that thinks “it has a right and entitlement to others’ wealth and resources that under international law does not belong to England”.

The post was on Sunday denounced as “nasty, anti-English bile”, with Scottish politicians arguing it is inappropriate for an SNP branch to share such content.

He continued: “We’re not talking about any angry cybernat sitting at their laptop, here – it’s the person responsible for running an official SNP Facebook page who has endorsed this.

“I expect Nicola Sturgeon not just to condemn it but to expel from her party the person responsible.

“There’s no room for equivocation here – if she fails to do so, she’s condoning overt anti-English hate speech.”

Scottish Lib Dem MSP for Orkney Liam McArthur, said: “It is astonishing that anyone would be gullible enough to fall for such a fake quote.

“That representatives of the SNP have been perfectly happy to share this appalling anti-English prejudice is reprehensible.”

He added: “It’s all the more astonishing to see nationalists sharing this kind of bile in a community like Orkney with a proud record of welcoming people from across the UK and indeed the world.

“Nicola Sturgeon needs to take action and make clear that the person responsible has no place in her party.”

Scottish Labour Constitution spokesperson Sarah Boyack, claimed: “This is completely unacceptable and drags Scottish political debate into the gutter.

“The SNP must show they are willing to stamp out these kinds of views from their own ranks.”

A spokesperson for SNP Orkney apologised and said access to the admin of the associated branch Facebook page had been taken away from the staff member responsible for the post.


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