Sturgeon's independence bid blown open with energy deal to power Scotland back into EU


Experts believe that green energy could be the key that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP need to achieve Scottish independence from the UK and “rejoin” the EU. SNP candidate Janis Wilson has highlighted the two areas as key. She tweeted: “The SNP can see Scotland’s potential, a future in the EU, green energy, sustainable development, and the chance to create a fair society.”

Scotland has some of the most favourable conditions for wind energy throughout Europe.

In 2020, 97 per cent of internal energy consumption in Scotland was generated from renewables.

And Ms Strugeon has been told that Scotland’s wind energy output is expected to only increase further.

Researchers discovered 33 new locations in the country, with favourable conditions for setting up new renewable energy projects.

Dr Emma Whettall, who conducted the research, said that the coast of Scotland had a large number of islands and inlets which are ideal for harnessing tidal energy.

She said: “We looked for sites that were physically suited to supporting a tidal energy device and identified 33 sites, 15 of which had not previously been considered.

Scotlands incredible potential for generating renewable energy would make it a desirable candidate for striking a deal to join the EU.

At least a quarter of the bloc’s long-term budget is to be dedicated to climate action.

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However, Scotland would face a lot of trouble with its spending and may be forced to raise taxes if it leaves the UK, Scotland’s Shadow Health Minister warned.

MSP Craig Hoy said that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is living in “cloud cuckoo land” if she thinks that an independent Scotland would be better able to handle its post-Covid recovery programme and the economy as a whole with more financial, borrowing and spending powers.

It comes as Ms Sturgeon recently complained that Scotland’s budget handed out by Westminster was not enough to tackle recovery.

Following the comments, Mr Hoy said: “Whatever question she is asked, she claims that if only we were independent that would be the solution!

“So when the UK came forward with a record financial settlement for the Scottish Government for the next financial year, £41 billion, the Scottish Government still said that wasn’t enough!

“And £26billion has come forward to help us combat Covid.”


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