‘Super cheap’: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘amazing’ hack for cleaning dust out of radiators


Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – rose to fame after she started to share unusual cleaning tips and tricks online. With more than four million social media followers, fans of the sensation often share their own hacks on dedicated cleaning Facebook pages.

The post attracted hundreds of comments from cleaning enthusiasts explaining how Sharon could clean her radiator.

Danielle Ganning wrote: “Use a hair dryer and blow all the fluff out! Then you can hoover the floor.”

Jessica Wearne added: “Definitely use a hair dryer to clear all the dust out.”

Other group members recommended investing in a microfibre brush.

One woman, Debbie Brown, said she managed to purchase a radiator brush from Amazon for as little as £4.

Other group members recommended seeing if the top of the radiator would come off.

Asking for advice on the same Facebook page, one woman asked why her radiators were turning yellow.

Chloe Dixon wrote: “Please can you help me out? I keep getting rust stains on this radiator in my bathroom.

“I clean it but it keeps coming back.”

Cheryl Shelton said: “Sand it down first…get a primer and get the paint for metal.”

Sandra Baum commented: “Is your bathroom well aired? Try drying it after the bathroom has been used. It’s the damp in the air that’s causing the rust.”

Other reasons for rust include the radiator is coming to the end of its life.


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