Stacey Abrams to Begin Campaign in Support of For the People Act

Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia Democratic candidate for governor, and the voting organization she leads are beginning a monthlong advocacy campaign to rally young voters of color to support the For the People Act, an expansive federal elections bill. The effort, called

Line 3 Protest Tests 2 of Biden's Campaign Pledges

“Particularly from a climate standpoint, the case for a brand-new, massive tar-sands pipeline is extremely thin and frankly nonexistent,” said Moneen Nasmith, an attorney with the environmental legal organization, EarthJustice, which is challenging the pipeline. “Now is the time to do better

Louis DeJoy Investigated Over Possible Campaign Finance Violations

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is investigating the postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, over possible violations of campaign finance laws while he was running a company and building a reputation as a top Republican donor, his spokesman said on Thursday. The investigation focuses

Eager Teens Give Needed Boost to U.S. Vaccination Campaign

Covid-19 vaccinations among the country’s newly eligible tweens and teens have given a much needed boost to the nation’s campaign, at a time when vaccination rates have fallen among the oldest age groups and mostly stalled among young adults, despite efforts by

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