Alan Canfora, Who Carried Wounds From Kent State, Dies at 71

A forensic analysis of the audio file commissioned by The Plain Dealer of Cleveland confirmed that a voice on the recording was that of someone commanding the National Guard, “Fire!” The newspaper said such an order refuted the suggestion that the Guard

George Whitmore, Climber Who Vanquished El Capitan, Dies at 89

Early on the morning of Nov. 12, 1958, George Whitmore, Warren Harding and Wayne Merry accomplished something many climbers considered unthinkable: They reached the top of El Capitan. Conquering El Capitan, a 2,900-foot-tall sheer granite wall that looms over Yosemite National Park

David Barclay, Reclusive British Business Mogul, Dies at 86

“Farewell with respect and admiration to Sir David Barclay,” Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, who had twice worked for The Telegraph, as a Brussels correspondent and as a political columnist, said on Twitter. The newspaper was founded as The Daily Telegraph and

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