Richard Feigen, Gallerist and Champion of Art, Dies at 90

Richard L. Feigen, a prominent gallerist, dealer and collector whose influence in the art world in New York and beyond included brokering top-dollar deals of all sorts for museums and magnates while championing both old masters and new talent, died on Jan.

June Rose Bellamy, Adventurous Burmese Princess, Dies at 88

June Rose grew up speaking Burmese, English and Hindi. Her father settled down and raised orchids. When the Japanese attacked Rangoon in 1941, when June Rose was 9, the family evacuated to India and spent five years there. June Rose remembered Indira

Eugenio Martinez, Last of the Watergate Burglars, Dies at 98

They were led by James W. McCord Jr., a security coordinator for the Nixon campaign whose confession to the judge just before his sentencing precipitated the revelations of White House crimes and cover-ups that culminated in Nixon’s resignation in 1974. In 1977,

Jack Palladino, Hard-Charging Private Investigator, Dies at 76

By the time Mr. Clinton finally admitted to “sexual relations” with Ms. Flowers, years later, Clinton aides had used stories collected by Mr. Palladino to brand her as a “bimbo” and a “pathological liar.” John Arthur Palladino was born on July 9,

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