Pacific Northwest braces for another multiday heat wave

PORTLAND, Ore. — People in the Pacific Northwest braced for another major, multiday heat wave starting Wednesday, just over a month after record-shattering hot weather killed hundreds of the region’s most vulnerable people when temperatures soared to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. In a

Pacific Northwest Braces For Another Heat Wave

Less than two months after extreme heat was linked to the deaths of nearly 100 people and broke records across the Pacific Northwest, the region was once again bracing for dangerous heat wave conditions on Wednesday. In Seattle, which will be under

Thousands more flee fires in Greece amid heat wave

Thousands of people in Greece fled to safety from a wildfire north of Athens early Friday as firefighters waged an overnight battle to stop the flames from reaching populated areas, electricity installations and historic sites. On the nearby island of Evia, the

Thousands flee homes as heat wave fuels Greek wildfire

TATOI, Greece — Thousands of people fled their homes north of Athens on Tuesday as a wildfire broke out of the forest and reached residential areas. The hurried evacuations took place just as Greece grappled with its worst heat wave in decades.