'Tell them to stop!' Mother sparks debate after neighbours park on her driveway for months


Writing on Mumsnet, the poster said that she lives in a ground-floor flat without a garden, but it does come with a driveway. She does not have a car, adding that this is making her question whether she is being unreasonable.

Instead of parking a car on the driveway, the anonymous woman said she often uses it to hang washing out or relax in the sun.

A few months ago, a family moved into the flat above her and have taken to parking their “big people carrier” on the driveway.

She claimed they didn’t ask her for permission and just assumed they were entitled to because she doesn’t have a car.

Her frustration stems from when the car is parked, she cannot hang her washing out as the car blocks the sun.

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“In the past few months have you never sat out or put your washing out, that they could see?

“I think you’re perfectly reasonable to want to use your own driveway.”

However, not everyone agreed with the owner of the driveway, including one commenter who wondered why she had let them park there for so long.

They added: “You’ve kind of created the problem, maybe they think it’s theirs?

“Basically tell them to stop parking on your driveway.”


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