Terrifying image shows horribly damaged Porsche stopped by police on the M25

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PC Serge Hadfield stopped the car near Cobham, Surrey after a crash on Boxing Day. The car, a black Porsche Boxster S, had its bumper hanging out of the boot.

Surrey Police said that the driver had “thought it would be ok” to continue the journey.

The driver had reportedly travelled over 30 miles with his car in an unfit state.

After being stopped, the car was banned from use on the road.

PC Hadfield said he could not believe there had been only one call to the police about the vehicle.

He found the bumper “literally bouncing out of the small boot”.

The driver – reportedly aged in their late 50s to early 60s – was pulled over at Cobham Services after being picked up at Junction 9.

Tweeting about the incident, Surrey Police said that the driver had crashed the car on the M25 in Kent “and thought it would be ok to continue the journey in this condition”.

The force said: “The driver gave a positive breath test but was under the prescribed limit.

“The vehicle has been prohibited from use on the road and the driver reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

“The driver will now seek alternative travel arrangements.”

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