The Firm winner! Meghan Markle beats Kate in spending stakes after quitting Royals


Both Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry has embraced a far more Hollywood lifestyle since announcing they were departing “The Firm” last January. The Duchess of Sussex has consistently donned a parade of designer outfits from brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Prada and Chanel since marrying Harry in 2018.

And in 2021 she wore outfits with a total value of £58,388, according to research by FEMAIL.

It said this was £14,000 more than her 2020 total when the Duchess wore clothing and jewellery worth £44,188.

In comparison with 2019, however, the figure was drastically less.

That year – and with rumours swirling about disquiet in the royal camp – Meghan donned clothes valued at more than £211,693.

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She did this in October when she stunned in a dress she donned to Prince William’s Earthshot awards in London that she had previously worn in 2011.

The mother-of-three was lauded for her decision to reuse the £4,290 Alexander McQueen dress at the red carpet event.

Her Royal Highness first donned the dress at a BAFTA black-tie event at the Belasco Theater, one of the first events of this kind she experienced after tying the knot with William in April 2011.

In comparison – Meghan’s most expensive outfit came a month before Kate’s outing on the red carpet when she appeared in New York alongside Harry for the Global Live Citizen event.

Her outfit for the event had a retail value of £8,537.

It included a Loro Piana cashmere coat that cost £4,274 and wide-leg trousers from the same designer which would set you back £1,231.

The news emerged as an eco-friendly fashion expert claimed that Kate was inspiring fashion-conscious millennials to shun fast fashion.

Speaking to, CODOGIRL founder Yulia Omelich said: “There has been a perception in the fashion industry for a long time that everything must be new and wearing the same clothes again is old and boring.

“Kate showed that isn’t true and to have such a high profile member of the Royal Family back it gives the movement real weight.

“It was in its infancy before but her support has given it a huge boost.”


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