'The heck?' Alastair Campbell sparks fury after demanding Boris 'apologises to country'


Tony Blair’s former spin doctor said Mr Johnson should immediately take action following the emergence of an email that invited over 100 Downing Street staffers to a COVID-19 rule smashing bash in the No 10 garden. But his demands were immediately met with fury online as hundreds accused Mr Campbell of knowing little about “the truth” given his pivotal role as director of communications prior to sending Britain to war in Iraq – a decision found by the Chilcot Inquiry to have been under a raft of mistruths.

Mr Campbell hammered: “There is now a culture in there that basically says Johnson can do what the hell he wants and that has now spread to other people.

“I honestly don’t know what I would say to him… other than it is better to stand there at the dispatch box and tell the truth!

“But the problem if he stands up and tells the truth, which would be a pretty rare thing in itself, is that then he is probably and going to certainly have to admit that he broke the laws that he brought in and that he told the entire county we had to live by.

“Fess up, be honest, that is difficult because we are talking about breaches of the law.”

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He added: “Stop lying, stop blustering, stop pretending that you vent done anything wrong…

“Accept it, admit anything that you have done and instead apologise to the country and then try to operate in a different way!”

But Mr Campbell’s comments sparked outrage online as hundreds took to call the former spin doctor out on truth-telling, drawing links to his time in No 10 when the then Blair government decided to send Britain to war in Iraq.

@DomMgy1 pointed out: “The man that told the “WMD within 45 minutes to launch” lie, lecturing us all on lying and the truth.”

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While @tom28542744 simply tweeted: “Iraq.”

@castleintegrity hammered: “He had a key role in an illegal war.”

And @AlicesLondon also chimed in on the issue of Iraq War, suggesting: “What the heck does @campbellclaret know about the truth?

While @EfffingTory held no punches as he claimed: “Campbell.. well you got the right person for comment. 

“The foremost expert on Downing street lies in a very crowded field.”

More to follow…


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