'They miss our money!' Brexiteers mock EU over claim Brussels 'shed no tears' over UK exit


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In an article on Spanish news website ABC Internacional, Brussels correspondent, Enrique Serbeto, noted EU officials and diplomats representing member states see Brexit as unwanted but added “no one has shed a tear of regret” over Britain’s departure from the bloc.

The article stated: “In fact, Brexit is no longer even a topic of conversation in Brussels.”

Now, Brexiteers have hit back at the EU’s claim and argued the bloc may not miss the UK but they “do miss our money”.

One Express.co.uk reader, SolarWind, commented: “They don’t miss us, but they certainly do miss our money.

“Whereas we don’t miss anything about being in the EU at all, nothing.”

Brexiteers mock claims EU did not 'shed tears'

Brexiteers mock claims EU did not ‘shed tears’ (Image: Getty)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Getty)

A second reader, known as Flash, added: “I don’t think the UK ever was a ‘part’ of the EU.

“We were only made welcome when the bill arrived.

“I don’t miss the EU one little bit.”

While another, known as hindsight, said “If they’d stop interfering in the UK’s business, I’d believe it, but they just can’t resist.

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EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen (Image: Getty)

“If it’s not Ireland, it’s Gibraltar or even ham sandwiches.”

Bazra added: “They don’t miss the UK, they only miss our money.

“The good news is, we don’t miss the EU either.

“Thank God democracy finally came through and we left.”

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EU trade strategy post-Brexit

EU trade strategy post-Brexit (Image: Express)

A fifth reader, LoveJaguars, commented: “Who cares? The UK certainly doesn’t miss the EU, glad to see the back of the EU.

“Happiness is the EU in my rear vision mirror diminishing as the UK forges ahead into the big wide world.”

PaulC added: “They would say that, wouldn’t they.

“We’re not missing the EU either!!”

EU trade strategy post-Brexit

Brexit minister Liz Truss

Brexit minister Liz Truss (Image: Getty)

And Caerurfa wrote: “The EU is fixated with the UK because of the loss of their ATM.”

The Northern Ireland Protocol, fisheries and Gibraltar represent the most difficult sides to relations between London and Brussels, according to Spanish report.

ABC reports that Lord Frost’s resignation and replacement by Liz Truss signalled a change in tone with the foreign secretary participating in all the bilateral committees overseeing compliance with the Withdrawal Agreement as well as the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which governs UK-EU relations.

Former Brexit minister Lord Frost

Former Brexit minister Lord Frost (Image: Getty)

Mr Serbeto’s article comes after European Commission Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, described continued British threats to invoke Article 16 of the Protocol to stop applying the trade rules for Northern Ireland as hugely disruptive.

If triggered, that they would have serious consequences for the region’s economy and represent a huge setback for EU-UK relations.

In separate negotiations, Mr Šefčovič told Swiss officials to demonstrate a political commitment to talking to the bloc to ensure relations remain positive.


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