Think Tank suggests ‘more radical course of action’ for Channel migrant


One is the British overseas territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic.

Alternative locations include the Channel Islands, or a 98 square mile area of Cyprus known as the Sovereign Base Areas.

This is an area that has been maintained under treaty by Britain since 1960.

The report pointed out that refugee applicants will have to be vetted initially before being accepted as genuine applicants for refugee status.

They will then be taken to the detention centre.

Following this will then be taken to a country that agrees to accept them as a refugee.

They said: “Anyone ascertained to be a genuine refugee will be taken from [the overseas territory] to a third state which has agreed with the UK to accept refugees.”

However, the report did conclude that joint UK -EU patrols would be “the best possible response to the problem of small-boats arrivals”.

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This was a 200 percent increase in comparison to 2020.


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