'This is absolute hell' 10-year-old boy left screaming due to 'suicide disease' – symptoms


In a 2021 review, Samantha-Su Taylor et al, explained that the condition is divided into type one and type two, the first of which occurs when there is no confirmed nerve injury. She also concluded that those already diagnosed with conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis may be at a higher risk of developing CRPS.

Speaking about the severity of the pain Dillon is in, Melanie added that even so much as a singular strawberry seed or singular cat hair makes her young son scream out in pain.

She said: “He screams every night. The first sound I hear when I wake up is my son screaming. He screams all the time. He has to wear shorts. One day he was eating a strawberry one tiny seed fell off and hit his leg and he screamed. If he gets a cat hair on his leg, he screams. If I touch him with.

“It’s 12cm above his knee all the way down to his feet, his right leg.


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