This is America: 'Squid Game,' K-beauty and BTS – What's so special about Korean pop culture?

I’m back! It’s Jenna Ryu, former Life and Travel intern, now promoted to Life and Wellness fellow.

You may remember me from my last “This is America” takeover, where I tackled the Asian “model minority” myth and shared my experience confronting these microaggressions. (If not, see here.)

But today, I’m here to talk about “Squid Game,” the South Korean Netflix series that everyone can’t stop talking about.

I won’t lie: I was shocked to witness the global obsession with this show. After a year of racial reckoning during the pandemic, I pessimistically assumed people wouldn’t be craving a “foreign” series with minimal English dialogue (unless you watched with dubbing — in that case, we didn’t watch the same show. Sorry!).

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