Tom Selleck health: Blue Bloods star 'falling apart'- concerns for actor's health


“These people are related. So, as long as my fellow actors wanted [me] to come back, and that was my only real criteria, I was coming back,” both of these a clear hint that his character may be sticking around for a while.

In regards to his possible arthritis, the star is yet to comment. Even in his 2019 memoir Untitled, Selleck did not mention any health qualms.

In contrast, the former Friends star confessed that it is living and working on his 65-acre ranch estate that “keeps [him] sane”.

Although it can be firmly concluded that the star is in perfect health, and will continue to work and appear on Blue Bloods for as long as he possibly can, arthritis is a serious condition that many older actors develop, putting strain on their careers.


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