'Too different!' Prince Louis of Luxembourg announces split from French fiancee


Prince Louis of Luxembourg, 35, and Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue, 30, announced they would call off their wedding after concluding they had different life goals. The couple, who had been together for four years, said their romantic relationship would come to an end in an interview with French magazine Point de Vue.

Louis, who is the third son of Grand Duke Henri, 66, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, 65, said: “We have been in love with each other for the past four years.

“We always have tried to be completely honest with each other.

“Even when this honesty hurts us like today, we are more than ever convinced it is crucial.”

Scarlett-Lauren added: “Thinking about things a lot and getting to the bottom of it, we eventually admitted that as a family, as parents, our visions are too divergent.

“Our ambitions in life are too different.”

The couple also said they would remain friends and added they still have a lot of love for each other and each other’s families.

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In an official statement, they said: “We have decided not to pursue our romantic relationship, while remaining deeply bound by friendship and tenderness.

“It is a decision we have made together upon serious reflection.”

Louis and Scarlett-Lauren revealed they were engaged in April 2021.

The Prince popped the question during a road trip between Lourdes and Biarritz in the south west of France.

However, Louis had to ask Scarlett-Lauren twice.

He explained at the time: “We went through a village with an absolutely incredible view over the Pyrenees.


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