Top 50 global economies mapped: How the UK fares compared to Europe heading into 2022


The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) is a world leading economic forecaster and analyst.

One of its prominent pieces of work is its annual World Economic League Table which it produces to rank the strongest economies in the globe.

Its data takes into consideration 191 countries and its current estimates have been predicted for as far into the future as 2036.

To date, it’s produced 13 editions of this table, including the latest which gives rankings for 2022.

Below we take a look at which countries make the top 50, as well as where the UK ranks on the global stage.

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Accordingly, the top 50 global economies, for 2022, are listed in order below:

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. United Kingdom
  6. India
  7. France
  8. Italy
  9. Canada
  10. Korea
  11. Brazil
  12. Russia
  13. Australia
  14. Spain
  15. Indonesia
  16. Iran
  17. Netherlands
  18. Saudi Arabia
  19. Switzerland
  20. Taiwan
  21. Turkey
  22. Poland
  23. Sweden
  24. Belgium
  25. Thailand
  26. Nigeria
  27. Ireland
  28. Austria
  29. Israel
  30. Argentina
  31. Norway
  32. Egypt
  33. South Africa
  34. United Arab Emirates
  35. Vietnam
  36. Malaysia
  37. Denmark
  38. Philippines
  39. Singapore
  40. Bangladesh
  41. Hong Kong
  42. Chile
  43. Colombia
  44. Romania
  45. Finland
  46. Pakistan
  47. Czech Republic
  48. Portugal
  49. New Zealand

Looking forward to next year, CEBR predicts global GDP will reach $100 trillion for the first time.

This is despite the ongoing Covid pandemic which has adversely impacted practically all of the world’s economies.

Looking back on 2021 the company estimates that the scale of the economic hit from the pandemic in 2020 seems to have been a little less severe.

Now it suggests that world GDP only fell by 3.2 percent in that year compared with the 4.4 percent fall that had been calculated a year earlier.

Furthermore, world growth is expected to increase at a rate of 4.2 percent next year thanks to positive momentum coming off the back of 2021.


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