Top fitness trends of 2022: Best exercises to look and feel 'great' this year


“Typically taking around five to 10 minutes, mini workouts can be spread out throughout the day and can involve anything from a quick yoga stretch to begin the day to a high intensity cardio session to help keep you motivated while working from home.”

Much like mood boosting workouts, “mindful exercise” has also been popularised, seeing a 9,300 percent increase.

The “ever-growing” trend focuses on “mental wellbeing over exercise”.

Matt stated: “Workouts which are known for reducing anxiety and stress, such as yoga, Tai chi and Pilates, have seen a huge increase in popularity since the pandemic began.

“With stress levels at an all time high, due to the instability and uncertainty which the pandemic has brought, many are incorporating their mental health into their fitness regimes.”

Many are hoping to relive their childhoods in 2022, as “trampoline workout” has soared by 8,900 percent.

The “high intensity yet incredibly fun” workout has many benefits: not only does it boost cardiovascular health and relieve stress and tension, it’s excellent for toning, balance and coordination.

Google trends has also seen a 8,200 percent uplift in searches for “exercising outdoors”, suggesting that people want to soak up as much Vitamin D the UK offers in 2022.

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